Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 2 of No-Poo

Week 2- Um, this isn't getting any better and then...Eureka!

I suffered through week 2.  I was being kept awake at night because of how vane I am. I wanted my  nice shampooed, oil free, hair back.  So, I would vow to wash my hair the next day so I could go to sleep.  Then the next day would come and I would somehow get through it without washing my hair because, dog gonnit, my husband would not be right about me giving up!  I could see the end now, though.  I committed to two weeks and I was more than half way there.  I used some more baking soda and then decided I should try something else that I read about.  Borax.  There are people on the internet that rave about how wonderful it is to wash your hair with this.  Do NOT believe everything you read!  It was aweful!  My hair was still greasy, but now it felt like straw!  Ugh, now I know I guess.  Then I did another egg/lemon juice wash and it returned to it's next day without shampoo look.  Phew!  Never thought I would be glad to see that!

I made it through two weeks!  Then, on the first day of week 3 I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner.  Hooray, right?  I must have been so relieved you say.  Not exactly.  My hair was an aweful fly away mess.  It was so whispy.  I think what might have happened is that by not washing it for two weeks, my normally brittle hair was actually gaining some strength and the little fly aways that I'm accustomed to had grown out some, so now I had quite a bit longer fly aways.  This was a worse look than what I normally have.  So, I thought, I'm not any happier with shampoo than I was with my shampoo alternatives, but if I continue not to use shampoo maybe I will have stronger, thicker hair.  That sounded like a good hypothesis to me!

Now I am seventeen days in and I have had a Eureka moment which is why I decided this needed to go on a blog for other no-poo curious and advocates to read about!  I have scoured the internet for information on natural hair care and have found several ingredients that could help clean oily hair.  Also, there was a lady that had a recipe for a shampoothie.

1 egg
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/2 of a cucumber

I decided, what do I have to loose!  As I was making this, I remembered reading about how rosemary is a good astringent.  There was instructions to boil the rosemary to make a tea and then use it, but since it was an after thought I just threw 1 tsp of dried rosemary from my spice rack into my shampoothie.  This made about a cup altogether.  I realized I had more than I needed so I put half in a different cup and stuck it in the back of the fridge where I hope a child doesn't find it and drink it.

Once in the shower, I rinsed my hair for a minute or so in warm (not hot, you don't want scrambled egg in your hair) water  Then dipped my hand in the cup of shampoothie and started putting it on my head.  Between the peel of the cucumber and the rosemary, there was a nice exfoliating effect.  Once it was applied all over my head, I massaged it in for a minute or so then let it sit while I washed up my body and shaved my legs.

Then the rinse started.

It takes forever to rinse it all out.  I just rinsed it regular for about a minute then turned the water off to get out, but once I put my hand to my  head, I realized there was still some in it so I had to turn the water back on and kind of separate my hair a bunch to get it all out.  Pain in the butt, right?


It looks like I used shampoo!  No oil at all!  I found the magic all natural shampoo recipe for my hair!  I am looking forward to using the rest of my shampoothie this week to see if it will work even better once the rosemary has a chance to infuse it.  I am still going to try to wash my hair only every other day or so, but I am so excited and had to share with the world my joy!

Will I ever go back to shampoo?  I can't say for certain, but if this continues to work for me, I don't see why I would!

Shampoothie results!

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